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since Feb 2006

All our wands are made by one of our crystal healers. They are made with a copper pipe, the quartz crystal is mounted onto it to increase the energy of the crystal. Copper is a conductor so intensifies the energies. Our Crystal wands are amazing tools for Healing crafts as well as for the use in Magical crafts. For healing these wands are perfect sending healing energy to another person or on yourself. Healing energy can be focused on certain organs or problem areas as well as align the chakras. Our Crystal wands are also ideal for meditation, to help you focus, to help connect the body to the mind to achieve a more fulfilling meditation session. Our Crystal wands are also perfect for grid work, either for healing or magical purposes. The energy from the crystal mounted on the copper pipe intensifies the whole experience, connecting your crystals laid out in a grid or to use in spell work.

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    Wands can be natural or man-fabricated. For me, a man-fabricated wand can be just as powerful as a naturally formed one. Many wands will only display their beauty after a lapidary artist with a feeling for stones has created his/her beautiful work.

    Wands have been used in healing for as long as healing exists. It comes naturally to hold a wand and use it to produce energy. I remember two years ago receiving new stock and one of the items was a beautiful long crystal wand. I lay it on the dining room table with all the other items and as usual waited until our grandchildren came home from school. For them unpacking a new box of crystal goodies is better than Christmas. Our granddaughter immediately picked up the wand and shrieked with joy as she looked at the rainbows in it. I was a little apprehensive as I watched the little hands handle this expensive piece and I was worried she would drop it.

    Can I have this one for my birthday? she asked. What did she want to do with it I replied. Well, you know, she said and proceeded to use the wand as it is meant to be used, with an imaginary patient on the floor, she began to encircle that 'body'.

    I asked what she was doing and she said 'you now, keeping the energy in for healing'.

    I was amazed that such a young life would know such a thing and knew that she had brought that wisdom with her into this life.

    Of course that wand now adorns her collections of a huge variety of crystals and gem stones - all of which I might add she knows, treasures and works with - and that at the age of seven.

    During my crystal workshops students make their own wand with the help of copper tubing, but most will also buy a natural or man-fabricated wand too, often for its beauty until after using it, they discover its power in healing.

    The natural and fabricated wands have similar properties.

    Massage Wands

    Massage wands are exactly that, they are used for massage and/or reflexology and this is covered in my crystal correspondence course and one of the workshops. These wands are usually fabricted unless you can find a naturally formed wand, pebble or egg, then this is wonderful.

    The crystals used for massage or reflexology are pointed at one end and rounded at the other. This enables the therapist to 'massage' a part of the patient's body without having to worry about scratching or harming the body. Crystal massage is a wonderful therapy, not only for the patient but also for the practioner and a loved one. The recipient of this kind of massage is not only receiving massage on the reflex zones, but is also receiving the healing elements and characteristics from the stones first-hand as it were, it other words during skin contact.

    The secret of giving a very successful Crystal Massage lies in being able to control your stone so that it almost glides over the surface of your partner's skin. The more you practice and use this method, the more you will be able to massage your partner's body, mind and spirit at the same time. Crystal massage works on a deep esoteric level and not only does the physical body enjoy total relaxation but all the inner emotional stresses are brought skilfully to the surface of the mind and dissipated

    Laser wands

    Laser wands on the other hands are not used directly on the skin as these are usually rough and very pointed. They are long and slender and are tapered to the termination, sometimes resembling icicles.
    They are very strong and powerful and will direct the healing light through them into the recipient.
    Laser's are used for many healing purposes for instance for clearing negative energy from the subtle body or on all chakras to release fear so that one has the courage to discover one's life's purpose.

    Natural laser wands were extensively used in healing temples in Lemuria and Atlantis. In advanced healing practices, laser wands can be used to perform psychic surgery where negativity, attachments and attitudes can be removed which would eventually cause physical dis-ease. They are also used for clearing blockages and therapists often find themselves expanding into higher state of consciousness and being guided intuitively to use the laser in the most effective way to benefit the patient. These tools are used by experienced crystal healers and usually come into the healer's life when they are ready to use them.

    Some Laser Quartz crystals are believed to contain Lemurian healing information.

    Using fabricated wands in healing others and/or the self, they facilitate the user and/or the patient to recognise the beauty and their own perfection within themselves and therefore begin to love themselves and so bring feelings such as self-confidence and self-respect back into their lives.

    For this selection I have chosen both man-fabricated and naturally formed wands. All are beautiful in their own way and all are powerful tools in the right hands.

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