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since Feb 2006

IIHTVH Teacher Training 2/day Workshop 

for all Reiki Master/Teachers
and those wishing to become
Reiki Teachers, teaching for the IIHTVH

During this Reiki workshop we will focus on teaching Reiki. This means that there will be no students here to learn the Reiki Master/Teacher course and that you are not students, but teachers, polishing your skills in the company of other Reiki Teacher/Masters. It will be a time, especially for those not yet teaching, to practice what is in the manuals of all levels in a safe and secure environment where there is no ridicule, no shame, but lots of support and gaining of self confidence and new skills.

Teacher Training Programme

This advanced Teacher Training class is for experienced Reiki Master Teachers who would like to or already are teaching for the IIHTVH and feel the need to improve their teaching skills and become more efficient and confident to offer the in-depth workshop classes of the IIHTVH

Why take teacher training?

Once you have received your own attunements, learnt how to attune, received all the knowledge and you have the burning desire to teach Reiki to others, very often what is lacking is the know-how and confidents that you can really do it. There may be parts that you missed in class yourself or it may be quite a while ago you received your Reiki I and II attunements, or you may have received the first two attunements from other teachers and do not know how the IIHTVH teaches these.

You will be guided toward improving your classes and your presentation which will assit you to perfect your teaching style and make the standard of your classes the highest and unique in the UK

What makes a good teacher?

  • Standing in front of your class with confidence,
  • Bringing across the impression to your students that you are a true Master in this field.
  • Creating a flow, structure and format in your class
  • Knowing how to teach the chakra system on a board in order for your students to follow and understand
  • Being able to teach everything in the manual in the given time of your workshop (without actually reading the manual to your students)
  • Ensuring your students understand what you are teaching
  • Bringing fun and humour into your class in order to break the strain and tension
  • Bringing enthusiasm and passion into your teaching and/or when talking about Reiki to others

All the above cannot be taught in the original Reiki Workshops, because a Master/Teacher needs to have some experience with this energy and needs to feel that they are a Master/Teacher in their own right, but that just the last polish is missing. This is why the IIHTVH is offering this teacher training to its teachers so that you will increase your Reiki teaching skills and become the top teachers in your area. Soon your students will not only be taught to the highest standards but will recognise that your teaching methods stand out from others teaching Reiki. Your students will talk about it and bring other students to you for teaching this high standard.

This workshop teaches you specific and detailed outlines on how to structure your classes, what materials to offer. But more importanty, you will receive positive guidelines and access to your Reiki healing and teaching guides that will provide you with the ability to offer the best classes possible for your students.

Once you have attended the IIHTVH Teacher Training you will never go back to being 'just another Reiki teacher'. You will be and feel that you are something special, you will truly be

a trained Reiki Teacher with confidence

and most importantly, the 'know how'.

 The price for this 2/day workshop is £350
and includes all tuition, manual & certificate, bottled water & complementary beverates, morning and afternoon tea with biscuits on both days.  Please bring lunch to share with others. 

bring a friend and get £25 off this course

Love and Blessingse

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