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since Feb 2006
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    This is a must have tool for a crystal or energy healer

    Rose Quartz

                The stone of gentle love.  It improves love, the Venus or love stone

    • Rose Quartz calms the emotions.
    • it stimulates the imagination and intellect.
    • improves friendship
    • hastens recovery
    • gladdens the heart
    • said to be the best stone to use for treatment of headaches and migraines of all types.
    • heals wounds of neglect
    • a very healing stone for internal wounds, bitterness and sorrows
    • it improves forgiveness
    • it improves love, this venus or love stone is said to open up the heart to inner peace, self love and self recognition and makes one more receptive to beauty
    • helps suffering due to emotional trauma.  However,  when using Rose Quartz in healing, it will draw out the trauma and the patient may gently be reminded of the emotional trauma inducing tears and letting go.  

     Personally,  I never use Rose quartz without at least four tumble stones of Aventurine surrounding this stone.

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