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since Feb 2006

Reiki II Attunement

Reiki Second Degree is the receiving of second Attunement and three of the sacred Reiki Symbols. These three sacred symbols will empower you to increase your ability to tap into that Universal Healing Energy and will increase the power of your own healing, your healing sessions with patients and your Distant Healing sessions.

During this workshop you will first receive one Reiki I attunement again to ensure that all symbols have been placed well and have remained well placed in the base of your brain and to ensure that you are ready to receive the second attunement and three of the sacred Reiki symbols. These symbols will empower you to increase your ability to tap into the Universal Healing Energy and will increase the power of your own healing, your healing sessions with your patients and your Distant Healing sessions.

Although Reiki II has only one attunement, it is not merely more of the same as Reiki I. Reiki II attunement is different. Where as Reiki I level is warm and allows Reiki to radiate from the entire hand, Reiki II level is more powerful and brings with it an intense beam of energy that shoots from the palm chakras. It also brings a major step and a requirement of commitment to Reiki and to patients needing natural healing.

Reiki II helps change your life for the better and gives you the confidence to help patients on a deeper level. With the Reiki II attunement you become a Reiki Practitioner and can set up your own practice, obtain insurance and charge for your services.

In the UK the requirement to be attuned to Reiki II is to wait at least nine months between Reiki I and II. In Australia it is only three months. However, it is important to keep to these rulings of your country in order for you to obtain insurance and become a member of some if not all associations.

Reiki II workshop is held on one day and another half day three weeks later when you will be assessed on your understanding and healing. On completion of this day you will receive your certificate.

The syllabus for the Reiki II Practitioner's Attunement workshop is as follows:

  • A review of how Reiki I changed your life
  • What do students hope to gain form Reiki II
  • Short assessment
  • Grounding and protection meditation
  • Reiki I attunement to prepare student to receive Reiki II attunement
  • A short recap on Reiki I
  • A powerful and deep meditation in preparation to receive the Reiki II attunement
  • Receiving the three symbols, their meanings and uses
  • Practice time to draw the symbols and get used to them
  • Distant/absent healing practice using the new symbols
  • Healing Crisis
  • How to set up an alter
  • Using Reiki symbols in everyday life
  • Cleansing and energising the healing/therapy room with your new symbols
  • Raku symbol and its meaning
  • Advanced healing techniques
  • Healing practice - how to give a Reiki healing using the new symbols
  • Questions and Answers
  • Certification

Students receive a full working manual written by IIHTVH principal and Reiki/Master Anna Mandala and their Reiki II Practitioner Diploma. After the Reiki II attunement, students will begin to expand on their healing practice with taking on the extended family and friends and begin to open their healing practice.

Another period of approximately 21 days of cleansing is usually experienced after this attunement too.

You can choose to stay a Reiki II practitioner for a while and decide if and when you may wish to go on to become a Reiki Master or indeed Teacher. The choice is yours and there is no must from our side.

After your Reiki II Attunement, the IIHTVH Teachers are always an e-mail or phone call away to answer any queries you may have. Your Reiki Teacher will also advise of Reiki shares or meetings held near you.

As a Reiki Master you will also have the opportunity to become a Member of the IIHTVH.

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