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since Feb 2006
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    Stunning piece

    Red Hematite

    Red Hematite in Quartz

    Red called red-phantom quartz crystals. However, these little quartz crystals have red Hematite sprinkled through them and are also known as Harlequins which is a name I like because it describes them so nicely.

    These crystals have the qualities of Quartz and Hematite. In addition they are used as follows:ยท

    • To stimulate the first three chakras to produce highly recognised vitality directed towards creativity, intellectual advancement and intuitive endeavours.
    • It also stimulates the intelligence of the cellular structure of the body so that the cells may recognise the reason for malfunction in the condition of a disease.
    • It also provides the vitality and creativity for the correction of the malfunction

    Melody also says that this stone will be made available to those who are ready for its complex powers. How right she is.

    As I went through this batch to write the descriptions and price them, I was once again taken by surprise. I had not anticipated what I was to find. Looking at them in the box, they were just quartz crystals with red Hematite in them, but handling and photographing each one I soon realised that I had come up trumps with this box of little treasures. Many of them had a speciality or special geometry about it. For the descriptions of the configurations, please see sections Special Crystals and Special Geometry.

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