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    A crystal cluster is a formation of many single-terminated crystals that share a common base. Crystals grow naturally in family clusters where each individual in this family has its own frequency and vibration pattern. All the vibrations and frequencies of the individual crystal harmonise with each other. As each crystal point emits its energy, it is immediately recharged by the energy from another point, therefore keeping the energy of a cluster flowing and amplified. Therefore, the energy which emanates from this formation is amplified because there are multiple crystals involved.

    Crystal clusters will rarely need cleansing because the light reflected off the multi-terminated points creates a force field that is self-energising. This is the reason why crystal clusters are so important for purifying the air and atmosphere as well as being so powerful when used for healing and meditating.

    You may want to purchase a cluster for you to keep your stones and/or jewellery around or on it so that they can be recharged. A Crystal cluster will have all the characteristics of a crystal. Other uses of clusters are:

    • They bring the group energy of the associated crystal to the surrounding environment.
    • They enhance harmony and peace in groups, in the family and in other social and /or business environments.
    • The energy that emanates from this formation is amplified because multiple crystals are involved.
    • They generate a wonderful energy if placed in a room, will raise the vibration and lighten the atmosphere.
    • Crystal clusters are beneficial in balancing room vibrations and clearing negative energies such as those frequencies produced by computers, TVs and other electrical devices. A cluster placed near a computer or TV will absorb the harmful electrical negativity and transform it into positive energy, releasing it back into the room
    • You can recharge other crystals, gemstones and jewellery by placing them upon crystal clusters.
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