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since Feb 2006
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    Pyrite - Fool's Gold  is said to be one of the most grounding stones in use today.


    ·                    Simply by carrying  a piece around with you,   will protect, shield and defend every aspect of the physical, mental, emotional levels from may forms of negativity

    ·                    Can protect from pollution

    ·                    Can be used by those working with people infected by highly infectious diseases in order to provide protection from afffectation

    ·                    it allows one to understand that each portion of the Universe maintains an inherent perfection in order to allow the unfolding of impeccability

    ·                    encourages and sustains flawless ideal of health, intellect and emotional well-being

    ·                    it symbolises the warmth, golden and lasting presence of the sun and promotes the recall of beautiful memories of love and friendship

    ·                    can enhance memory and provide for recall of relevant information

    ·                    use for focus, practicality, logic, memory, clearing fuzzy thinking/scattered ness etc. and to enhance mental capacity

    ·                    strengthens circulatory system and clears oxygen in the blood.--

    ·                    helps balance Solar Plexus

    ·                    helps with problems of the stomach, ulcers and the intestines

    ·                    helps with sulphur and mineral assimilation,

    ·                    helps with body acidity imbalances,

    ·                    can be used to treat bronchitis and disorders of the lungs

    ·                    can be used to reduce fevers and inflammation

    ·                    eases depression,

    ·                    aids with illusions/lack of clarity about situations/people.

    ·                    Great for grounding and spaciness after meditation/psychic readings.

    ·                    attracts money to owner  by placing one cube on money, in the cash box, in purse, in till etc

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