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since Feb 2006
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    I love this wonderful stone and use it for specific purposes during healing and meditation.  It is one of the perfect stones for Light workers

    • Can be used stimulate the pineal gland in order to experience visions during meditation and to access the Akashic Records
    • helps one to recognise the beauty of one's soul
    • activates the energies for feel the love of the 'brotherhood' of humanity
    • while on the 'stage of this life' it helps one to remain open to the experiences and lessons
    • it promotes loyalty to ones self and to the experiences of life
    • helps one to see past the human-ness, enabling one to support our human courage for this life and to create and maintain beauty
    • can e used to stimulate the pituitary gland to provide the correct regulation of all the other glands of the endocrone system by producing the correct quantity of hormones to promote the correct growth, sexuality, blood pressure, our metabolism and body temperature.
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