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since Feb 2006
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    Many people think that Opal brings bad luck in relationship. It is said that if the lover be false, it's influence is reversed and the opal proves a sorry stone for the faithless lovers. This is simply not true. This belief is because Opal, just like the human body is made up of 75% of water and when mined should be left to mature - just like wood. However, if the opal is not left to 'mature' and is used to make stones for jewellery etc, in time it may crack when it looses some of its moisture and this is why it has been given the bad luck story, because in the old days, gentlemen gave their ladies opals and very often these cracked and broke and the unhappy recipient thought it was a sign of their lover's or partner's love breaking.

    Opal has many wonderful characteristics:

    • it calms the nerves
    • aids the development of psychic ability
    • it helps one to utilise the powers of intuition and to use them to enhance personal understanding and experiences in the higher realms
    • assist the control of one's temper
    • balances during depression and emotional stress
    • helps lung conditions
    • can be used to purify blood, kidneys, regulate insulin production and disperse infection.
    • Opal can also be used to alleviate fevers and stimulate the circulatory system.
    • Rose opal can be used to strengthen the eyesight
    • it is known as the stone of 'happy dreams and changes'
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