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since Feb 2006
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    Green Calcite 97g

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    Green Calcite 140g

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    Red Calcite 192g

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    Blue CalciteĀ  99gĀ 


    natural coloured variaty, green, orange, red and blue.

    Calcite also:

    • Expands awareness
    • It helps the mind and body to remember information brought through during astral travel.
    • When one piece of calcite is place on one chakra it will automatically clear al the toher chakras too in a sweeping action which the patient can feel quite physically.
    • It alleviates mental fear and aids mnental clarity when undertaking mental changes.
    • It helps the gall bladder, kidney, spleen and the pancreas.
    • It is a wonderful stone to use as a balancing agent and to assimilate the calcium wihtin the body.
    • It also removes toxins from the physical body
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