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since Feb 2006
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    Amber, natural, Baltic, clear, inclusions, has a hole for pendant,


    Amber is of the yellow ray and should be used on the solar plexus.  However,  I often use it on the sacral too.


    Amber is organic.  As the fossilised resin of the pine tree it takes millions of years to form.  Amber can range from pale yellow to deep amber,  from clear to opaque and can have many inclusions, insects and/or bits of bark etc. which it collected as it slowly flowed out of the tree and solidified.  The more insect inclusions in amber,  the more expensive that piece will be.

    • A very calming 'stone'
    • Helps bladder trouble
    • Useful for bone-marrow
    • Like applying deep heat to the affected area.
    • Lifts  depression and suicidal tendencies,
    • Brightens the spirit
    • Brings with it the ability to laugh
    • Helps earache
    • Absorbs negative energy
    • Used for asthma
    • Helps rheumatism
    • Used for making + breaking spells
    • Throat infection, bronchial disorder, asthma,
    • Helps convulsion
    • Helps the immune system.
    • Feeds the nervous system
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