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since Feb 2006
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    Rare specimin

    This is taken from Melody's book,  'Love is in the Earth'.


    This crystal is usually configured with eight sides, four which are trapezoilal and four which are triangular.  It is a nOrthoclase and belongs to the family Feldspar.  


    • can be ued to enhance devotion to a cause, purpose or person
    • the energies of this mineral increase onces ability to see the positive attributes in all
    • it can be used to stimulate the opening of the heart and crown chakra
    • can provide for clarity of the mental processes
    • can provide for an openess to love
    • encourages the practical side of ones nature and is conducive to facilitationof increased performance in situations of ones 'life work'
    • it has been used to advance ones employment and assist one in gaining employment in ones chosen field.
    • it is said it can be used in the treatment of:  
               *    parasympathetic nervous system to stabalize and calm for example the heart and mind
               *    it has been used to treat snow-blindness

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