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Smokey Quartz, Elestial Enhydro Crystal, 533g 14x7.5cm
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A powerful stoneĀ 


"Smokey Quartz, Elestial, Enhydro Crystal, with etching and Black Tourmaline"

An Elestial crystal  is a powerful tool to use in meditation enabling you to have a stronger connection to spirit, the spirit world and the Divine. A powerful tool to help with communication both on the physical as well as on the spiritual level. 

They can be used to open the crown chakra and in turn the higher crown chakras.  It also helps open the third eye to enhance psychic vision.

Smokey Quartz also has a strong connection to the root chakra, and I have used it, sleeping with it on my tummy to help with diverticulitis and IBS

Elestials are potent healers on all levels, the physical and the spititual especially in the etheric bodies. Placed on a painful area of the body they can help to relieve pain.  They will help with sleep problems and bad dreams and nightmares. 

Smokey Quartz is a highly grounding stone and will help when journying back to a normal state after meditation. 

Enhydro - because this crystal has water trapped inside while growing and is over one hundred milion years old and is therefore not contaminated with pollution created by mankind, this crystal can be used to meditate and cleanse toxins from the physical body.  

The Enhydro also has a strong connected to the Akashik records.

It will increase your sensitivity, empahty and understanding  allowing you to work as a healer and be of service to others.  It will allow you to understand what others are going through so that you become an empathic healer and listener.

Because of the water content of the Enhydro which relates to your feelings, it will help you to cleanse your emotions and thoughts.

Etchings have formed patters and intricate indentations. This crystal can be used for meditation or scrying .

It can be used to receive information from ancient Egypt, Atlantis as well as Lamuria, as the experience they participated in are in the etchings.

This crystals can also be used for self-development nd to provide information to assist others.

This crystal came for a Black Tourmalione bed and has some on the underside.   This mineral  balances and calms, protest against insomina, clears blockages and energises the chakras. Brings cheerfulness, slef-confindence and inspirtation. Is useful in medition.

533g 14x7.5cm

If you live in one of the British Isles, Scottish Isles/Highlands, Channel Islands or Ireland, pls send us a message for postal charges

Disclaimer: We do not diagnose, treat, or cure any health issues. This product is not intended to replace your doctor’s prescription, rather to help you achieve a sense of well-being.

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