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Chakra kit - self help kit
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Self-help cleanse and balance your chakras kit


Self-help cleanse and balance your chakras kit

CHAKRA KIT A beautifully put together kit to help with your chakra activation journey. Each kit contains a set of 7 chakra oils (3ml each) A set of laminated chakra cards with guidance on how to use chakra colours and their associations. A Room spray to help you focus on your intent. A white candle as a focus for yourself. 2 incense sticks to prepare your space. A booklet to write all your experiences and thoughts into (complete with pen) and a white feather, to remind you that you are safe and protected. This is a perfect gift for beginner or to add to your already existing chakra rituals.

As metaphysical teachers and healers, we have put together a kit that will allow you to cleanse and balance your chakras safely, in your own home. 

The kit contains the following:

*  7x3ml roll-on bottles of oil for each chakra, Reiki charge
* 30ml  Aura spray

* a set of 7 laminated cards with info on each chakra

* a booklet to write down your own experiences
*a wooden pen
* a feather
* a white candle

Would make a lovely present for someone :-)

If you live in one of the British Isles, Scottish Isles/Highlands, Channel Islands or Ireland, pls contact us for a postal quote.

Disclaimer: We do not diagnose, treat, or cure any health issues. This product is not intended to replace your doctor’s prescription, rather to help you achieve a sense of well-being.

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